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Is It Safe To Use Anavar

I have lost track of the number of times people ask me whether it is safe to take Anavar. They will be surprised if they search the net or visit bodybuilding forums, and discover that famous bodybuilders, film stars, celebrities, and models use this anabolic steroid to maintain their slim figure. If these persons can achieve success with the help of this drug, there is no reason why you too should not be able to achieve a slim figure with it. Then there are individuals who keep complaining on bodybuilding forums that they have taken Oxandrolone unsuccessfully. In fact, some of them fell ill after taking it for a couple of days. I got it touch with the ones that reported that they became sick.

What is the problem?

After talking with a few of them I found out that they all had taken more than the prescribed dose of Anavar, which led to their sickness. This is despite my repeated warning about adhering to the dosage as mentioned in the leaflet accompanying the drug. About the other group of complainers who claimed that they did not lose as much of body fat as expected… it turned out that they were not following the diet mentioned in the leaflet accompanying the drug. It is the same like draining water out of a bucket with one pipe and filling it with another simultaneously. The quantity of processed food they ate was generating more fat deposits than Anavar was burning.

Piece of advice

By the way, I also recommend healthy people to avoid processed food, also known as junk food, because it contains high percentage of saturated fatty acids that your digestive system cannot process. Anabolic steroids are not magic. They are synthetic chemical compounds that replicate the function of the natural hormones of your body. When you buy Anavar, the manufacturer provides a pamphlet along with the bottle. This mini guide contains exhaustive instructions about the dosage of the drug, the type of exercises you should perform to achieve best results, and the foods you should avoid. If you follow these guidelines thoroughly, you can rest assured that you will get the desired results.

How your body burns fat

The fat burning capability of your body depends on its metabolic rate. The hormones that your body produces increase its metabolism. However, the secretion of these hormones decreases, as you grow older, and nearly stops by the time you become 30 years old. You might not face any problems if you ate proper food and exercised regularly. However, it is no hidden fact that the majority of teenagers depend too much on food. Once they start eating it, they cannot avoid it, because some of its ingredients are addictive by nature. This causes the build up of fat. However, your body burns this as long as it produces an adequate quantity of hormones. However, the amount of fat in your body increases rapidly once the production of hormone decreases. In such a situation, you have two options.

The two options

You can either opt for bariatric surgery in which the surgeon cuts your tummy, removes the extra fat, and then reduces the size of your tummy using a special stitching process. This procedure is extremely costly and leaves scars on the surface of your tummy that takes a long time to heal. Your other option, arguably the better one, is to go to a reputable online store that offers Anavar for sale, purchase your requirements, and start taking the drug. You will lose your body fat and regain your slim figure in a couple of months. However, you should religiously follow the instructions provided with this steroid. Otherwise, you will soon start complaining that the drug does not work.