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Things You Should Know Before You Buy Testosterone

Testosterone is a natural male hormone produced by the body and is responsible for muscle development. Contrary to beliefs, testosterone is also produced in women in negligible amounts. The primary use of Testosterone supplements was to treat low testosterone levels. Of late, it hast found great application in fitness programs.

So what is Testosterone? It is an anabolic hormone that boosts production of testosterone in the body. These hormones work by either increasing testosterone levels, and/or by preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Testosterone supplements are used by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance muscle growth and recovery and to increase energy production. Testosterone can also be stacked with a majority of anabolic steroids to boost its efficiency and quick results realization.


Before you begin to take Testosterone supplements, make sure you let your doctor of any other medication that you are taking, to avoid dangerous interactions with this hormone. Dosages depend upon use and body’s level of testosterone. Professional athletes are sometimes required to take a testosterone test before a competition, and failing these tests have dire consequences. So one should stick to recommended doses.

You should indulge in a post-cycle therapy (PCT) at the end of Testosterone treatment to give your body time to rejuvenate. One such PCT that has helped many bodybuilders is Nolvadex.

Testosterone for sale is found in injectable, gel and pill forms. There is only one type of Testosterone pill in the market so far. This pill is called Testosterone undecanoate.  Topical forms of testosterone require frequent dosage and are associated with pronounced side effects and as such, are uncommon among athletes.

You can buy Testosterone from various places, including, online or at a pharmacy. However, in some countries like the US, Testosterone is listed as a prescription only drug and obtaining it without a prescription is a crime. A lot of Testosterone products have found their way in black market where one can buy them without prescription but extreme caution should be taken to ensure you get what you are looking for. Before buying testosterone boosters, be sure to check its usage legal status in your country. In addition, one should only buy from approved retailers to avoid buying products with compromised quality. Buying a low-quality product translates to low quality or slow results.

Testosterone can also be stacked with a majority of the anabolic steroids such as D-bol or Trenbolone to boost its efficiency so that good results are realized quickly.

Benefits of using Testosterone

• Improved  muscle mass gains
• Increased muscle strength
• Enhanced protein synthesis
•  Aid in weight loss
• Enhances bone density
• Prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases
• Improve focus
• Alleviates depression symptoms

Side Effects

Few side effects are reported with the correct dosage. Testosterone pills side effects correlate with an increase in dose. Women have reported, headaches, anxiety, pain and/or swelling at the injection site, increased or decreased libido, skin problems, and enhanced growth of body hair as a result of high Test
Too much testosterone in men causes the development of feminine features. As such, athletes using this hormone are encouraged to take an aromatase inhibitor as a precautionary measure.

Testosterone is among the top most used anabolic hormones in the world. The most effective and readily available forms of this hormone are the injections. The majority of Testosterone users are men. This can be attributed to the fact that Testosterone is highly discouraged in women due to the prevalence of irreversible, bad side effect in this gender.

To achieve great results, you should avoid stress, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.